In 2014 Magnus Eliassen moved to Lofoten to write new music. After several successful years with Circus Eliassen, he needed to reinvent himself. Escape from expectations and reality. After weeks in Lofoten, he travels to Los Angeles to produce the record with producer Nasty Kutt. Thrifty tunes from the guitar start to sound like hits.

Filmmaker Trond Kvig Andreassen accompanied Magnus throughout the journey. We get a close look at his engaging creative process. But after Los Angeles, things just got quiet. There was never any new music. What really happened on the musical journey? And why did it get quiet from Magnus? Now, five years after the weeks in Lofoten, the music from the ocean gap and LA finally comes out. Magnus will hold his first concert in many years.

Director: Trond Kvig Andreassen Title: Alt som kunne ha vært Producers: Tom Marius Kittilsen and Knut Inge Solbu DOP: Audun Fjeldheim Camera: Eirik Evjen Editor: Ida Kolstø Editor: Trond Kvig Andreassen Music: Dersom æ vokste opp her / Magnus Eliassen