Internet We Want is the show opener of the 23rd Annual Webby Awards hosted in New York.

The Webby Awards is the internet’s highest honour, and awards excellence on the internet including websites, interactive advertising, online film & video mobile content. Hans Christian Øren in BEKK created the visual identity for the 2019 edition of the Webby Awards, and we were asked to create the award show opener that would kick off the whole show and set the mood for the rest of the night.

The internet is without doubt a great invention and a wonderful tool. At the same time there are a lot of disadvantages with it. What kind of internet do we want? And how can we achieve that? This opener takes us on a kinetic typographical journey through the internet, using internet terms that describes the good and bad sides of it.
Additionally, we made afterparty VJ content to be screened along with the DJ-ing of Questlove.

Director: Ernst Føyn, Syver Sanengen Title: Internet We Want – Webby Awards Opener Client: The Webby Awards Agency: BEKK Creative director: Mads Astrup Rønning Animation: Kristoffer Stokkerud, Syver Fabritius Sanengen, Ernst Føyn Creative Lead of Visual Concept: Hans Christian Øren / BEKK Copy: Jeff Zemetis / The Webby Awards Composer: Petter Haavik / Sagveien Resort