Oyster is a Norwegian start-up that has developed a revolutionary cooling box. They have managed to solve several challenges with regard to cooling in a box that have not been done before. This has resulted in a cooling box that is 3 times as efficient as a traditional ice-box.

When you launch an innovative product like this, there is of course a lot you want to say and the biggest challenge is to manage to keep it simple. We worked closely with the marketing team to strip the communication down to 3 key features that would also work as 3 independent films. NO ICE, TEMPERATURE and 100% RECYCLABLE.

Director: Ernst Føyn, Syver Sanengen Title: Oyster Client: Oyster Agency: Babusjka Motion Designer: Nora Hatle Motion Designer: Anna Kuznik Script: Thomas Anker Music & sound design: Trygve Stakkeland